Make your garden beautiful year round with a cast iron or bronze garden urn. With care and attention, your garden urn will last for many years, holding a variety of flowers and plants. There are many fabulous ideas to decorate your patio, deck, and lawn with urns. Before we talk about filling these planters, let’s look at how to best protect your garden urn.


Care and protection of a Bronze Urn

A bronze urn is a stately addition to any outside décor plan. Before you fill it up, make sure that your urn has drainage holes in the bottom. These will keep the roots of your plants healthy and keep them from becoming waterlogged.

Bronze does not need any extra oil to clean it. In fact, applying oil in the manner you would to brass or other metal will cause the patina of the bronze to fade. Instead, simply use soap and water to remove any debris. When bronze is cast, the final step is a thin coat of wax. Using any cleaning solution or oil on your bronze urn or sculpture will, in fact, remove the wax and damage the urn.

Care and protection of a Cast Iron Urn

Cast iron can rust if it begins to hold water. If you drill drainage holes in your cast iron, be careful, as these can cause rust inside and eventually the iron will deteriorate. Many outdoor cast iron urns come with a seal coat applied already- if you do need to drill additional holes in the urn, you can apply a seal coat yourself at home. Make sure that you follow the manufacturers instructions completely with these, so your plants are safe.

Keeping your cast iron urn rust-free can be a challenge – and when rust begins, watering the plants (or rain) makes the rust spread. Rust can be easily removed by using a wire brush to scrape it off. Once the rust is removed, then you can re-seal the planter. Make sure that you do get all of the rust removed, otherwise, the rust can continue to spread.

Now that you know how to properly care for your garden urn, let’s explore some ways to perk up the look of your outdoor spaces.

Sentinel Planters

You can position several garden urns to delineate a section of your yard. Like stationary guards, a sentinel style can help direct guests through a walkway, or highlight your exterior driveway. The planter portion of these looks best when they are all filled with similar or identical plants – think of the guards at Buckingham Palace. This helps draw attention to an exquisite stone walkway, or to help guide visitors around a curved drive.

Herb Gardens

Some herbs and aromatics do well planted in a garden, but some do best when they aren’t planted among other plants. Use your bronze or cast iron urns to hold a variety of herbs and spice plants. Many of these will flower or grow beautiful colored leaves and are decorative as well as useful. These look best on a kitchen patio or outdoor deck, and you can use garden urns of different heights to create interest. They can be placed in groups, or you could use just one large bronze urn for a multi-plant herb garden if your space is tight.

Individual Planters

You can use strategically placed planters around your outdoor space as little conversation pieces, or just a lovely way to display bright flowers or a flowering vine. However you decide to fill your garden urn, choosing a bronze urn or a cast iron urn will give you years and years of beauty and decoration. These planters are designed to last, so all you will need to do for a change is replant the contents.